Youtube Growth 2020 | Youtube Growth Hacking Guide/Strategies For Brands

YouTube growth hacking for brands so the topic of YouTube growth hacking specifically for banks and why is this important primarily YouTube growth hacking for brands whether there'd be to be or b2c is important for brands specifically for one reason you've got a lot of video content coming up and you have a lot of people saying that video content is the absolute future at the given moment of any content marketing strategy so whenever you're creating video content you're also looking to redistribute on the biggest video content platform out there which is YouTube for both long form and short-form videos now there's a couple of misunderstandings that I see a lot of companies run into whenever they decide to actually begin redistributing on YouTube or creating video content primarily for the YouTube platform and I just wanted to cover them real quick so that people have the ability to basically target right the target themselves into the right direction and propel themselves forward with a strategy that's bound to work so a couple of key points with regards to YouTube growth hacking in 2020 number one posting primarily on YouTube won't make you famous many business owners and many influencers out there that are bound to become influencers later in the future they think that all they need to do is primarily post content on YouTube and that's it it's done they might get viral it doesn't work that way and the reason it doesn't work that way is because the algorithm simply doesn't work that way the YouTube algorithm does not manually so like on its own expose your content to the tens of thousands to the twenty thousands to the thirty thousands of viewers organically within a short time frame it might do it periodically so over a timespan of months but a good strategy consists of redistribution that's number one so creating good content and good content is absolute key otherwise it just won't work for your brand and the number two redistributing and the relevant channels out there and bringing traffic directly to your YouTube channel and when I say redistribution I mean repurposing the content on other strategic locations like subreddits for instance if I'm doing a travel vlog right and I'm traveling across Bali for instance and I create a video about my whole travel and a torque etc a good subreddit to posted on might potentially be our slash travel because there's a lot of users right there they're hungry for video content and as long as you don't spam and it doesn't look too self promotional you can actually gain a viewership directly from reddit another one would be Quora and Quora it's an entirely different topic I'll be creating another video about it really really soon but kora kora is magical to be entirely honest it's like Yahoo Answers back in the day but in a new like well-thought-out manner because they they basically understood the decline of Yahoo Answers and they saw the niche and the opportunity again so they redeveloped something like kora redistributing on Quora as well where you answer questions thoughtfully and whenever anybody asked me for tips with regards to poor I just say answer questions thoughtfully and it's gonna work like spend anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes on every answer that you give with sources and then add a small plug towards the end add your actual YouTube video where you discuss the topic some Cora posts can get anywhere from a thousand to ten thousand organic views so their algorithm and their platform is actually organic friendly and you're able to target questions that are directly suited around the content that you've created before so answer it in a written form and then plug your video below I've had a video hit approximately one forget the numbers but it's grown incrementally ever since I started plugging it into Cora along with other links whether it's links to websites for services etc and then the other one is well optimization and I'm lucky to have discovered this because one of my clients hired somebody else and they basically showed me the ins and outs of YouTube optimization if you don't optimize your videos regarding redistribution or regarding anything then the YouTube algorithm simply won't pick up right on the content that you're producing and it's a pity that YouTube doesn't actually produce guidelines and push people to a point of where they say this is how you need to optimize your videos for us to be able to pick up on it and it's a like you have to do your own research and search for it yourself and I guess it's alright because it's oversaturated anyways but the point being if you don't optimize your videos to begin with then it just won't work simple as that so to discuss optimization I'd have to do another video about it but optimization in a nutshell number one you require a tool like vid IQ right there's a checklist that they provide to you and then number two you actually need to follow the checklist and be thoughtful about it YouTube optimization that that's like the baseline because let's say you do redistribute right let's say the algorithm does pick up that you're bringing more traffic to YouTube people have a high like watch time on your video and they're not bouncing directly from it to other content and they're actually watching then the algorithm picks up and it's like ah okay good content let's actually start promoting it but in order to get that initial Flair you do need to do some redistribution to your own native channels whether it's a group whether it's subreddit whether it's medium whether it's Quora whether it's whatever and then the second one optimization so that when that does happen and if your content does flare up then you have the optimization and play for the YouTube algorithm to actually begin promoting your content on the front page right or for the keyword that you're targeting etc the titles and the tags that you place forward and the number 3 of course is good content if your content is shit pardon my french even if you do redistribute you're gonna get caught up there because nobody's actually gonna be picked up on your content in the first place even if redistribution works ok and you somehow trick the system by going into an engagement pod where people just like each other's content and it tricks the algorithm into thinking that right the content is good then the YouTube viewers are just gonna fall out so it does have to be good content you do need to pay or you need you do need to pay particular attention to videography editing and the way you play it out or your like video quality etc if you do all three some videos are gonna work and if some videos work and if they work big time and the you ball rhythm does pick up on them some videos is all you need if you avoid these and you just keep on posting it's like insanity just repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again and that's that that's that's it with regards to a like a YouTube growth hacking strategy for any brand that's looking to develop a video content marketing strategy that actually works and is following the guidelines of 2020 if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to actually message me directly on what's up my number is included in the description below and as always I hope you found this of value subscribe and until next one

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