Wendy growth hack in Adelaide -inspired by Ringo Starr

Today or in Liverpool this is the home of Ringo Starr a famous Beetle Fab Four and one of the things that made him famous was the song get by with a little bit of help from my friends, and why is this important to you well I believe if you want to get ahead in business or in life then you need help from your friends I'm Wendy Perry from Workforce BluePrint and Switch Start Scale I've been in business for 17 years and I've got an opportunity for you to meet some of my friends and get some help for your business

Now there's an event coming up in a few weeks time and it's a multi-day event The opportunity is for you to be able to pitch business problems and challenges and to be introduced to a new network, a new group of friends, in fact it's perhaps a network that you haven't connected with before, a younger generation and that's really important too when we're talking about something like the Beatles their story transcends generations You will have the opportunity to pitch the problem or a challenge that you'd like some help from you'll get a team formed around your business and they were absolutely growth hack it and take to the next level You'll be able to tap into skill so probably you don't necessarily have and you'll be able to see the next workforce generation in action Now if this is something that you'd like to get involved in

Firstly for full transparency, there's no cost to you this is because it's being paid for by somebody else You need to give some time and you'll need to communicate with the team but your doing something for your business in a few days which would normally take you months, and if this is something that you'd like to get involved in just click on this page you can express your interests and I'll be in touch with further information [Music]

Source: Youtube