Welcome To My Channel | The Growth Hack Show with Noah Green

Hey, guys, I'm Noah and it is great to meet all of you So I wanted to introduce myself I'm Noah Green and I am from London I've been infatuated by startups since I was a kid I come from Northwest London where all of the Grown ups and the generations before us come from a space where they've been continuously creating businesses often it wasn't technology back then none of that existed so from property to interiors to really anything it was very much in my blood and what I realised was I hated the 9 – 5 but I knew I had to learn

When I was 15 years old I was reading an article in The New York Times about a lady who sold her place in the Apple queue I that story stuck with me someone selling their place in a queue as a product for a thousand dollars like honestly it was crazy and it baffled me fast forward a year later I'm 15 or 16 and I'm going into Regent Street walking down with my friends on a summer holiday I saw a queue starting to form outside the flagship Apple store and I realised what was going on so I spoke to one of my friends and I said it worse we can spend a night on the street what's worse 16 years old experiencing a launch the iPhone 5 thousands of people the buzz was incredible back then you couldn't get the phone online for weeks right so we stayed there and I ended up selling both of our places for some money I ended up getting into the press but what stuck with me was the ability to get yourself that worldwide traction across publications and the limitedness of an iPhone on its initial launch day there was so much buzz around the iPhone ultimately you could only get it if you're in some of the first world countries if you are in other countries you couldn't from the likes of Kazakhstan and other spaces around the world so fast forward a year later I realised that this was a luxury item which I could buy if I got thirty-five of my school friends to queue up for me and like find buyers across the world that wanted that phone on launch day for double the price so I did just that and I got all of my school friends to queue up with me and then we sold the iPhones to people around the world that was really my first taste of a business success to be honest I wanted to learn from other people that had done it and I wanted to get in in an early stage startup which was just figuring out the process so I got in with Paddle having spoken to Christian their CEO he gave me the opportunity to come in and learn from Harrison the sales process from the ground up there were 10 of us in the room fueled by coffee God knows how many hours and it was incredible after a couple of years I ultimately realised that I wanted to get into the social media side of things having worn an app companies t-shirt when coming out of the Apple store back in the day when the iPhone 5 came out it got them press around the world and I realised that with Paddle I could make them not an island and not so isolated but helped aid them in their social process so they could build these relationships with others and really create content that showcases they had a community around them they already had that great rapport with their advocates of their brand so I did that and then realised that I can help so many other SaaS companies that evolved into fast forward five years from now where we went to SaaStock in Dublin two weeks ago and I spoke to a ton of SaaS founders I realised as an early founder myself but the conversations that I'm having is so crucial right now and I'm learning so many different key insights and tips and lessons but I feel like it would be a crime for me to not share with you guys so the growth hack show is going to be all about that showcasing these tips from social media insights to the ultimate growth hacks and stories which led to people's success and the path that they've gone on within their journey so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this channel

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