Recruter le bon Growth Hacker par Jérémy Goillot, Head of Growth @Spendesk

Hello, this is Jérémy from Spendesk, I'm in charge of the Growth team So it's a team of 8 people, half are developers

We work on themes who are both product marketing and sales people I started at 14 years old to launch a 1st website which I later sold And my goal was to increase the number of visitors to this site Today these are the same issues as there are in start-ups, this is how we increase the number of customers and how do we increase the number of visitors? I think you have to be versatile, to be the five-legged sheep, be an entrepreneur and be self-taught I think Excel is a good base, start playing with the functions, do things a little advanced and then start using APIs In particular tools like Zapier which allow you, without coding, to start synchronizing the different tools

And then on a little tech point of view start making scripts either in Ruby or in javascript, then start automating your business a bit We bring him an afternoon to our offices where he can work with teams He is really in a situation where we are there to help him so we give him a problem which must solve in real conditions and he can call on his colleagues It's not to be humble with data My secret question: I ask them what they can do in this room using this paperclip

I have two mentors: the first one is French, François Bondiguel who in Australia who works for Deputy And the second is Mike who takes care of the Growth team at Figma I think these are the companies that have structured a Growth team, so they have multiple people who work on this theme, like Lunchr, Alan, Front or Aircall

Source: Youtube