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Hey guys this is Udayan and this is our Abhisek and welcome to the second episode of GrowthX First of all I'd like to thank you guys so much for the support that we got for the first video and we're really excited to present today's Episode What are we going to talk about in today's video Udayan? I think in today's video I'd like to cover this really hot topic! Which one is it? It's never covered before

Hahaha! That's not possible GROWTH MARKETING *Laughs* I think jokes apart think I think we're going to cover more about you know taking one step back and just thinking about the product market fit Is your product ready for the kind of growth that you want We're going to talk about that, rather than just jumping on a topic because it's just hot topic you don't want to do that Let's talk more about you know building your product market fit

Let's let's take maybe an example and Just walk our audience through you know how does product market fit different stages of your life cycle of products like, right? So maybe somehyperlocal example? Let's take a really simple problem right Let's say X amount of users wanna go from Kormangala to Indiranagar the minimum value Danny built for them to help them solve that problem I would start off with as basic as a skateboard okay that's Miami okay good try and let's assume that everything you caused the marketing right we've got the positioning right and now you are shooting thousand user requests from going from corner but both stag night I think there are some 30 right right one is any uses also saw asking different things right they last start asking about experience maybe is right like you can try to skateboard in rainy season for exception right so you need to select say you have more users yeah I cannot have like a 50,000 users on the like it's not possible plus they also want to go to a different distance is not they want to go normal distance is father distances right so at that point I think the next front that you would anything made fun of the distances for more people is the bicycle right or motorbike service Bollywood provided by civil servants why is that because if you push through if your growth team is pushing through getting 10,000 or 20,000 users on a skateboard your product is gonna break the experience is gonna break even I have high amounts of churn and everything that you've been building up goes to ease yeah but that does not mean that you didn't have market I got it right but for X number of you absolutely right so like say take this example ahead and see that okay after motorbike you have one lakh people who actually want to go from point A to point B and you have external other people who wants to go from city Bangalore to Mumbai absolute right reward an additional demand and their demands are different plaintiff experience expectations also very different up sedan G skateboard uses at least of this point way so is that at every single stage of your user base you are going to get up on your product market fit is going to go away and that's not necessarily a bad thing that's a great thing yeah absolutely she grow croute breaking your product market fit it's a greeting because you access to additional markets play and how your seafood markets can only go up to Seattle users in Bangalore for example but for example users to go from Bangalore to Mumbai can be in lakhs right right that will help you enormously and you need to find out different different products segments and so to fill that route absolutely yah and so basically to sum this all up right I think the best way to say is that at every single stage that you your product rates you have to rebuild the product market fit there and that's the only way between sustained growth and every single stage right this is one how confused one point I think that a lot of CX souls and CEOs go ahead and say that hey you build the basic product now absolutely go ahead put a million dollar budget on it and just screw hey that's fine it's a good thing to do but at the same time you should also look at seeing hey when I spend a million dollar on my marketing budget he's my product gonna see if it's gonna be in the battle and we should have an idea about what are you going to do at that point in time and that will help you know I I think I think that's a it's a good Monday and I need for this video do share your thoughts how do you you know figure it out your first 10,000 users how did you change your product packet filter and share your experiences comment guys and every commented gonna commit that we're gonna answer every comment in the first 24 hours posted and side and one more thing guys I think any good marketers who have stories about how they've been able to grow product to a point where it's breaking that product market fit of that stage of the company we love your stories

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