Growth Hacking the Rappi App

Rappi, one of the top latam companies, had a BIG challenge increase by 20% the number of new orders coming from their app while competing in one of the most aggressive markets in the world Delivery of Anything in LATAM Rappi needed a strong UA Strategy to attract new customers To hack growth we built a Powerful Creative Plan But wait… What is a Creative Ad and why is so important on our strategy? Basically a Creative Ad is a synergy of brand colors, text and elements that combined together communicates a message to attract customers With this in mind, which would be the perfect combination for Rappi? We needed to find out so we decided to A/B test EVERYTHING

We tested performance based on color combinations messages and formats and from the winning elements we built dynamic creatives To make our strategy even stronger and sophisticated we decided to include data coming from what real customers orders into these combinations This was a huge technological challenge We needed to analyze tons of data of previous months from different user behaviours coming from different countries First, we started by analyzing PLACES Every Rappi customer is unique and love to order different things like tacos, feijoada, flowers or even products from groceries We divided our data coming by country and by type of products to learn the top restaurants & shops users order most Then, we analyzed TIME Users interact with the app anywhere at any time They order things from the app sitting on their sofa at home at the office or while their hanging out with friends We made a deep analysis on these micro-moments of the week to efficiently target new users at the right TIME And so we did! We discovered the perfect combination of creative Ads with the top places and the perfect timing! The result of it? The campaign CTR just skyrocketed! It generated twice more first orders coming from their app, compared to previous months meaning more new happy customers per day It also dropped the cost of acquiring app clients down to 43% resulting in huge savings for Rappi’s business At the end, the right mix of technology data, creativity and a customer centric strategy resulted in a win win for Rappi and their new customers

Source: Youtube