Growth Hacking : Quel est le meilleur canal d'acquisition

Do you know which is the best acquisition channel for your business? Well, yes, I know it! And you'll know it at the end of this video I will tell you a little story one day I went to the Festival of Lights in Lyon I do not know if you know, it's several million visitors who go to the festival of lights it's absolutely beautiful there are a lot of people At the end of the Festival of Lights, we did what everyone else did we went to the subway to leave and there we ended up in an avenue, a very very big avenue so I do not know Lyon, I'm not Lyon at all with hundreds of thousands of people I think, since there are several million people who try to move slowly, like a very very small bottleneck as far as it narrows a little Then after 5 minutes we were stuck with not being able to move forward Not at all ! Good, spend the minutes, the minutes pass we see that it is moving slowly, slowly but it's so crowded that it's impossible Then suddenly on the side we see a lady who arrives and everything that sneaks on the side, like to go home She opens a door she returns she told people

well I thought she was going home she said to the people "come, come!" And there are plenty of people rushing into the passage 10, 15 well there we look at each other with my friends we say well we are blocked we go! We come back! It's the day we discovered what a traboule was A traboule is really a thing specifically lyonnais it's a passage between two buildings we'll say a small private street which allows to cross through the buildings and arrive from the street on the other side We started to cross we got to another street that was blocked by police on both sides where there was absolutely nobody and we ended up going to the metro without any problem We arrived in front of the subway, we took the subway We had to win a few hours So you wonder why I'm talking to you about that In fact for me, the best acquisition channel is exactly! It's avoiding going where everyone is going Everyone will take great avenues we will take for example, if your competitors are Google Ads try to differentiate yourself, to do something different So you're going to say yes but I can not do without Google Ads Okay If so, in your approach to Google Ads try to be on different keywords, to position yourself in one place on something different, otherwise you will have trouble moving forward You're going to have a hard time setting up on an acquisition channel where your competitors have been there for a long time you're going to have a hard time not to pay a lot to go past them and you're going to have trouble touching different people and perhaps more relevant Find your traboule in fact your little path where there may be fewer people passing by where it's a lot easier to get there and get to your destination In the end, when I have clients who ask me to do audits for the best acquisition channel, that's really the question that often comes up I take into account the competition but just to watch what I'm going to tell them not to do of this differentiate And even for the same company that has the same product I will propose an acquisition channel that will be different according to the history of the company, the team, the preferences I will not tell someone whose thing it is to go to customers, to talk to people to make articles if it's not his thing at all In the same way, the video will be adapted for some clients and not for others I forgot ! There is one more point that is important it's the conversion The acquisition channel you will use may be better to convert than another but that, we'll talk about it in another video Okay, we agree I have a little oversold the thing, I did not give you what is the best acquisition channel because it will really depend on a lot of factors I've already given you keys to find you what is your acquisition channel try to think differently try to have an approach that will be different from what is done to be able to reach customers who will be much more relevant which are less solicited by your competitors Thank you very much for listening to this video all the way I'll see you next week with the next video whose subject will be: Should everything be automated? Thank you I also invite you to subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive other videos about Growth Hacking So do not hesitate!

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