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Growth hacking Growth is defined as hacking Rather, we can consider growth-generating factors So all the shortcuts to accelerate growth Growth can be evaluated within hacking strategies We can say that many major initiatives have achieved very rapid growth with Growth hacking Facebook recommends members to attract members Twitter's primarily celebrities Keeps visitors dynamic by creating flow and mobility These are the most basic examples

Hundreds of initiatives like this It can be said that it has achieved rapid growth with its unique examples and it has created a rapid activity Growth hacking is also a marketing strategy with minimum cost for an enterprise So actually Internal data And using visitors Growth through their interaction The strategy of providing organic ways So visitors' interactions Contribution of visitors to the brand Engage in brand marketing Growth is the basic definition of hacking strategies Growth hacking in terms of SEO Include incoming visitors in Growth hacking strategies So don't include it in an interaction As an example Placing the download button at a tweet And their inclusion in the twitter interaction Such studies SEO traffic Growth will be used in the most efficient way for hacking purposes At the same time as practical ways to explore Building SEO through Long Tail strategies So rather than go over generic words with less searched and non-competitive words Achieve the goal in a short time From the SEO point of view we can say that Growth is a hacking point of view Growth hacking is also a tool for existing audiences and visitor groups It will interact more Strategies can be considered To give an example of this He's about to catch a very strong opponent of a news site Provide more posts to the column We can develop a Growth hacking strategy by thinking of a study As an example Competitor's Corner 100 thousand times 200 thousand times shared If your own article is shared 10 thousand times Here it is necessary to construct a study on how to increase this sharing

Of course, this is almost impossible to do with manpower So we can't make that number by creating a team Therefore, existing visitors Must be involved in further interaction For this, the colors of the existing buttons, position

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