Growth Hacking cos'è?

Ok, what is Growth Hacking? Growth Hacking is a process that was born to quickly improve performance of a company or a project Do you want to increase the number of users of your app? Want to bill more? Do you want your customers to spend much more? Growth Hacking is the answer

Why do I say it is a PROCESS? Because, unlike what is done in traditional marketing, they are not there of SPOT actions like maybe doing a campaign for Christmas, or a minisite to launch a product or maybe send a newsletter, but in Growth Hacking MICRO-TESTS are made massively and continuously I'll give you an example to make you understand what MICRO-TESTS are and how powerful they are Growth Hacking compared perhaps to a traditional approach Let's say you have to launch a new home purifier on the market and maybe you have given this task to a traditional marketing agency that is starting to structure you all the launch But let's make a note: all this is created thinking that mothers are the customer target, because that 's what you said to the agency, so the site with all the photos of mothers with children, they prepare you the campaign that goes straight to health of the child and the family and so on Ok, to do this it takes at least 6 months of work, then when the real launch takes place and it is a TOTAL DISASTER There are very few purchases, we spent about 30 thousand euros on marketing and all this because we worked on SPOT With a Growth Hacking approach, instead of doing a MACRO campaign, I can start maybe with 3 different micro-tests that maybe I finish in less than 2 weeks, that is not I create a whole site but I only need one page where those interested can leave me the contact, then text a mini-launch with the target moms, text a mini-launch with the target single men in career and maybe even text a mini-launch on older people and I do bingo because after 2 weeks I already know that single men answer 10 times more than mothers and maybe 15 times more than the elderly target So now, if I have to spend the next money on tests and in any future campaigns, Which target is it better for me to focus on? Obviously on career singles, and this makes you understand how a continuous approach made of micro-tests is able to give you a series of information that you did not know before and which still have a great value Such information is capable of improving your company's performance or even your project in a very strong way and in a short time Growth hacking is therefore an ongoing test process that can give you the information right to better invest both your money and your time For this reason this discipline has depopulated and is still depopulating all over the world

Source: Youtube