Growth Hacking: Cómo hacer crecer rápido tu negocio

Hello self-taught friends! Do you know what is Growth Hacking? It is to hack to grow Growth hacking is to use very simple but effective simple techniques that let you grow your business, your brand or your idea What is the difference between Growth Hacking and Marketing? Well, the differences are diametrically opposed while the goal of marketing is retention of people the growth hacking on the other hand, is related to the expansion of the product among people the growth hacker is practical and selective basically in marketing campaigns you can do anything sell whatever reason, the hacker growth however, only bet on winning horses the growth hacker is very selective I'm a Growth Hacker and I invite you to my course in Udemy the best platform for self-taught people Products of my work as a growth hacker have been brands like Necromancer's Tales, Alterlandia and Criptoalfa among others

I'll teach you how to make your business plan You are going to know thoroughly how to use YouTube, how to create your channel you'll learn how to get your first hundred subscribers quickly we'll show you how to correctly make your advertising campaigns on various platforms We show you how to program your web page with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for that you will have the stream of my developer friend and ethical hacker, Ricardo Guzman Also in this course I will teach you in a deeper way what growth hacking is and we will study thoroughly Facebook, we show you how to create your page and we share you our secrets You learn how to create your professional web page using WordPress In regard to Facebook, we will show you how to use the ads correctly so do not waste your money Thank you for watching us I'm looking forward to see you in the course we have a Discord group to solve all questions personally

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