Wikipedia Inclusion

Guaranteed Page Approval or Your Money Back

If you need an article created or edited, our veteran Wikipedia editors can help. Whether you’re a business, an individual, non-profit, or any other notable entity, we will create an article that is similar to what any Wikipedian would produce. Every Wikipedia page is supported by reliably-sourced references, formatted properly, and written following Wikipedia’s manual of style. We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee that your page will be approved, and we’ll fully refund you if your page is taken down. Collectively, our team has created dozens of Wikipedia pages for brands, public figures, and non-profits. Once the page is live on Wikipedia, it will rank as the #1, #2, or #3 search result. It will power Google’s knowledge graph (the infobox on the right side of search). And it will serve as a comprehensive historical repository about you or your business.

Wikipedia Monitoring

Wikipedia is a wonderful open-source community. That means anyone can edit any Wikipedia. While most edits are done in good faith to improve the encyclopedia by dedicated volunteers, others edits can be malicious and can hurt you or your company. With our monitoring service, we ensure that every edit or your page is 100% accurate and benefits Wikipedia. Plus whenever you need your page updated, a dedicated account manager will be standing by to help you as part of our Wikipedia Monitoring service.

Wikipedia Translations

Our team of professional translators can translate your Wikipedia page into any language. Each Wikipedia community has its own rules and guidelines. We help you ethically interact with each community, no matter which you choose.


Growth hacking complies with Wikipedia’s Conflict of Interest Guideline. We leave all ‚Äúcontroversial” editorial decisions up to independent, third-party Wikipedia community members who have no affiliation with our company. We also comply with the site’s Terms of Use regarding undisclosed paid editing. As part of our commitment serving Wikipedia, we never knowingly violate Wikipedia’s content policies, intentionally submit content with important omissions, or engage in other forms of advocacy or manipulation. We also make an annual donation to the Wikimedia Foundation and other organizations that support a free and open internet.

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