User Acquisition

User Acquisition And Early Traction


We advise our clients to validate in the market immediately, whether they have a product, a prototype, or an idea they wish to test. Early Traction campaigns can provide market information that can redefine the game for many startups. We have created a special consulting and implementation category of offerings we call “Key Interest Indications ”.

Our offers focus on widening the top of the funnel i.e. special acquisition tactics for

(a) increasing & measuring the number of your visitors,

(b) getting pre-orders, and

(c) creating seed databases for email automation and marketing.

The feedback from this type of pre-launching activities is extremely valuable for any company that is thinking of launching new products or offerings. Specifically designed landing pages can extract information (directly or indirectly) from visitors, ranging from desirable product features all the way to pre-orders and tangible traction for funding.

We use this data to run an analysis on the product/market fit and to propose product changes that can be tested until the necessary market interest manifests in our measurements.

The main reason to push for early validation is to save two valuable resources: time and money. By running acquisition in parallel to main development, you will have the validation needed at launch time, and your pre-launch activities will have filled your pipeline/funnel from day one generating sales immediately, saving time and money. In addition, your product will be streamlined to your user’s recommendations, and you can expect better conversion rates because of your improved product/market fit, generating revenue at the most critical period of your product’s life cycle.

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